Stay Healthy and In Shape

Remember the story you've read earlier about a girl who's desperately wanted to lose weight just to impress other people? Well, that story is a mirror-image of the problems many people are facing today. To find an ideal diet program that really works has been a daunting task for most people. However, here's a diet program you can take a look, that has been serving its customers for the past 15 years and produces positive results for many dieters. It's called Diet-to-Go and offers a real solution to an ongoing problem. Whether you wish to lose unwanted pounds, maintain a healthy lifestyle, or change your existing one, this diet food plan is a winner. Diet-to-Go has been helping thousands of people for over 15 years. Their philosophy is simple "The key to a successful weight loss is to avoid deprivation." Here is how this meal plan works. Using four weekly menus, which repeat in a four-week cycle, you will receive a different weekly menu for one month. Their meals are designed in two different calorie levels, 1600 and 1200 calorie diet. Portion control is the primary component in their menu. Depending upon your preference, the meals are shipped to you for as many weeks as you indicate. Affordably priced, this program will save you time and money. You won't have to worry about counting calories, points or anything else. Just order their menu for a month, and atypical of those who have used the plan, will probably continue to order their meals until you have reached your desired goal.
Their menu is exciting, diverse, and is more than what you would expect any other pre-packaged diet plan available today. They strictly cater to your needs by not preparing one type of food. Let's take a look at a typical menu for one day. Breakfast: waffles, peaches and apples in syrup. Lunch: reuben sandwich (grilled turkey, ham and swiss with russian dressing), mushroom and artichoke salad, citrus fruit cup. Dinner: chicken parmesan, broccoli florets, whole grain roll. The variety of daily menus is extraordinary, and the results will garner you even more amazing results.  In addition to their low carb meals, they offer vegetarian menus and menus for diabetics as well. They offer services far beyond any other diet plan today. They not only have team of culinary, health, customer service and management specialists that is second to none, but their dietitian is part the team as well. In addition, they offer "Eating healthy holiday tips" which is especially significant since the Christmas holidays are fast approaching. They offer free analysis by filling out their form and submitting it to their team and advice on topics directly related to health issues and dieting. They even help you to determine your BMI index. Available non-stop, simply place one call to order. They will begin your meal plan as soon as possible. You also have the option to changing, stopping or restarting your meal plan at any time. The meals are delivered to your home or office, and they even have a pick-up option depending on your area. Because the food is prepared fresh, it is important that the meals are ordered in advance, thereby creating the need to have cut-off dates and times. Diet-to-Go has a wealth of information available on their website. Their "Guidelines for a healthier you" is well worth reading. Quite frankly, they have covered all the bases, diet guide, fitness advice, and free workout dvd and are deserving of your attention. Their testimonials, along with their exercise program attribute to their success rate and helps the need to become a healthier you.