A True and Inspiring Dieting Story

To some, the word dieting conjures up visions of denial, an extra portion of pasta, two more cookies, no more trips to a favorite fast food restaurant. To others, the word dieting brings back painful memories of heartless insults, hateful words and unjustifiable ignorance. Years ago, an overweight child would be referred to as pleasantly plump. Today, they are considered to be morbidly obese. The title of the book may be the same, but the words have dramatically changed. If you have ever been on a diet, either as a child or an adult, you can fully appreciate how difficult it was, and is, to regain that which you lost, self-esteem. Perhaps you will be able to relate, on a much deeper level, the problems encountered by someone who is overweight. Here is her story. "They used to say I was born with a fork in my mouth. I was always told to eat everything on my plate. Growing up in an Italian family, while our meals primarily consisted of pasta and bread, I wouldn't consider myself to be someone who ate constantly. The overriding factor contributing to my weight was sweets. My early childhood years were painful, to say the least. Attending elementary school posed many problems. Since uniforms were mandatory, I was unable to find a store that would accommodate my size. I was laughed at, made fun of, and as a result became extremely shy and introverted. I would always sit in the last row in class, did not have many friends, and realized soon enough I was not like everyone else. While my parents were always telling me how beautiful I was, I didn't believe it. Eventually, I withdrew. going through the motions of living a normal life, but not. Dieting was never mentioned, but was always in the back of everyone's mind.

As teenager, it was even more difficult to form friendships. It may sound cliche, but there was a boy who lived next door. I liked him a great deal, but he looked passed me, as did everyone else. To compensate, I read books, listened to music and thought that if I were intelligent enough, I would be included. It didn't happen. If I attended a high school function, I usually went alone, but was never asked to dance. I became used to being ignored. Especially difficult were those few times I went to the beach with a friend. I could never wear a bikini, but wore shorts on top of a bathing suit. Even though my body was perfectly proportioned, I was always self-conscious. The humiliation I felt when buying clothes cannot be fully explained. There were few stores then who carried my size. Thus, the clothes I did find were frumpy and dark. When I reached adulthood, my weight would fluctuate. While there were times I felt good about myself, the underlying pain was still there. I dieted a few times, but the weight kept returning. Every year, depending upon my weight fluctuation, I would have to buy new clothes. Eventually, all my clothes were plus size. I went into a deep depression, and it was only until I hit bottom, I realized I had to take action. I went on a detox diet and lost 60 pounds.  It was amazing to me that the people who had ignored me, suddenly found me interesting.  For the first time, I became popular. I was able to shop in "normal" clothing stores, buying outfits with bright and rich colors. Unfortunately, a few years later the weight returned. The struggle continues. While I am not at an ideal weight today, I am more confident than ever. I realized I had to love myself for who I was, not for how I looked to others. I dress for my size, and I am very happy. I am an intelligent and compassionate person, and my empathy for others is a result of understanding their pain. Today, I eat healthier and although the weight is still a problem, I have resolved that I can never be thin. More importantly, my self-esteem has been restored allowing me to begin dieting again, not for others, but for myself."

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